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• IMO compliant
• Small size and versatility
• Automatic speed error correction
• Short initial settling time (within 3 hours)
• High reliability
• High static and dynamic accuracy
• Easy installation and adjustment
• Built-in testing facility
• No compass fluid or extra cooling required
• No periodic compensation of azimuth drift

IMO approved & HSC certified Fiber-Optic Gyrocompass and attitude reference system.
Provides at a fast rate and with precise time-stamping all the necessary output data
Light weight and compact size
Fast settling time
Maintenance free

Maintenance free gyrocompass
DNV-GL type approved
Fast settling time <45 minutes
Compact size
Suitable for any type of vessel, including high speed craft.

Designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels.
Used for enclosed bridge vessels.
Consist of a display unit and antenna unit. Able to support remote display units
Adjustable volume and support central dimmer.
Suitable for table or flush mount
Two colours available for main units (Black / Grey)

Available for both 50KHz & 200KHz echo-sounder transducer element
For easy maintenance & for long term cost saving as dry-docking not required
LR approved (Other Classifications in progress)

Wide range of high quality antennas and accessories for use in voice, data,GPS, marine based radio and other systems.
Antennas are made of fiberglass and/or stainless steel for high-end applications
Specially designed and manufactured to provide exceptional performance and to withstand the maritime environment.

1 serial input, 4 outputs for DIN rail installation.
Compatible to use with Alpha Line repeaters
DNV-GL Type Approved

- Available with 19-inch or 26-inch display
- Wide range scanner selection
- Intuitive man machine interface
- Advanced processing