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Available in 3 configuration (CMZ-900B/S/D)
High reliability & Long Life
Modular Design & able to install inside auotpilot stand to save space
Small & Light weight enhance the follow-up speed
Easy of maintenance

Recorder rudder and heading information without paper & recording pen
Storage in Micro SD card
7" colour LCD touch screen display
Writting styler provided

Colour touch screen control/display unit
Adaptive autopilot or PID autopilot option available
Console mount type or  stand type mounting option available 
Able to interface to various different steering gear makers
Support TCS function with JRC MFD ECDIS

BNAAC is a algorithmic(software) used in Yokogawa autopilots for improve fuel saving.
Achieves by reducing unnecessary vessel’s rudder movement via BNAAC
BNAAC is a standard configuration for the latest generation PT-900 autopilot
PT-500 autopilot can be upgraded for BNAAC

E-CO PILOT keeps vessel on course by generating a virtual course
This helps vessel to arrive destination with shorter track distance, thus save fuel
Combining E-Co Pilot with BNAAC, more fuel saving achieved (1%)
Can be use with PT-500 & PT-900 autopilot

Single & Dual Axis transducer available
Retractable transducer for maintenance/replacement afloat
Various gate valve, transducer lengths available for different vessels
Analogue speed indicator suitable for overhead console mounting

165mm compass card diameter
Straight type periscope installation as standard
By-pass periscope installation as option
Flux gate sensor installation as option

One transmitter can support up to 8 indicators
Different type of indicators available for various locations onboard
Possible to connect to VDR/S-VDR

Suitable for use with all type of paper chart
Possible to accept GPS, gyro & speed log information
Chart information & planned routes are stored inside memory card
Date and ship position can be output to external printer for record purpose